Our checking (share draft) accounts not only pay interest but have no monthly fees. We offer a debit card and have safeteller (a telephone system) and online banking for your information anywhere and anytime you need it. Click on rates to see our current rates.

Share Savings Account Fees

-Two Party Check Withdrawal fee      $1.00 a check if over four per month

Checking Account Fees

-Courtesy Pay Fee   $20.00 per item
-Non-Sufficient Funds Fee   $20.00 per item
-Stop Payment Fee       $10.00 per request
-Share Draft Printing     Price varies depending on style chosen
-Overdraft Transfer Fee $2.00 per transfer
Copy of Cleared Draft $2.00 per draft
-ACH Overdraft Fee      $2.00 per draft
-ACH NSF Fee    $20.00 per ACH
-NSF Non-Return Fee   $20.00 per Draft 
Int’l  ACH ofac research fee -   $1.00/per ACH
Two party official check -        $1.00 per check (waived if 4 per month)


Other Service Fees

-Wire Transfer Fee (domestic) $15.00
-Wire Transfer Fee (international)  $45.00
-Bad Address Fee $2.50 per statement
-Statement Copy Fee       $1.00 per copy
-Deposited Item Return Fee $10.00 per item
-Legal Process Fee             $20.00 per item


EFT Fees

-ATM Transaction Fee $1.00 per transaction
-Card Replacement Fee  $5.00 per card
-ATM Balance Inquiry Fee       $.25 per inquiry


Share Value

-Par value of one share $5.00
-Minimum balance      $50 (waived if services beyond regular shares are utilized)


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