With information being shoveled on the Internet everyday, new innovations have made it easier than ever to share your thoughts on the web.

In past decades, writers were required to be educated in order to publish their written work. However with the advancement of blogging, writers of every kind can more easily express their thoughts—no matter how strange or controversial—to the public eye.

Rather than going through the extensive process of sending written works to publishers and editors, any person has the ability to post their writings independently and more easily through the use of blogs.

In fact, blogging websites are as diverse as the people who read and use them.

Bloggers can write about anything from their latest DIY project to their dreams of being an astronaut to their grandmother’s financial advice—giving everyone the ability to create a blog into whatever they choose.

Now at this point I know many of you may be thinking, “Why am I getting a lesson on blogging while I’m reading a blog?”

And I, in fact, have an answer to that question.

In my time as a young adult, I’ve found blogging to be very helpful and even therapeutic.Not only does it give you a platform to express yourself, it also provides you with writing opportunities.  I would suggest that every young person should at least try blogging for a time.

Blogging can give you the ability to express yourself and perhaps give advice to people in similar situations as yourself.

You can use your blog however you wish—whether that be to write personal journal entries, make social commentary, or host a public forum for discussion. You can create your blog into something that reflects your own life and opinions.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, you can express your opinion and personal thoughts on your own page.

If you’re nervous about making your thoughts and feelings public, you can always have a personal blog that is just for you or for your friends and family to see. With this feature, whoever has the link to your blog has the ability to view it--not the entirety of the World Wide Web.

Additionally, blogging allows you to engage in conversations with like-minded people and maybe inspire a fellow Internet goer to start creating their own blog.

Another appealing thing I’ve found about keeping a blog is that it can actually help you get a job.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen job applications suggest you link them to your personal blog. Many employers (especially those in the communication field) love to see the blogs of potential employees to check out their writing style and proficiency. 

Not only can blogging help you get a job, but blogging can also be a job itself. Many people make their living or a little extra cash through the use of blogging. If your own personal blog gets popular enough, advertisers may even pay you to keep going.

Blogging can really be a great way to release your feelings and maybe a little extra stress, as well as being a great way to create opportunities for yourself in the work field.

So go ahead! Try it out! You never know if your blog will be the next Huffington Post.

Hello all!  

You may be wondering where these words on the screen are coming from and I’m here to fix that problem.  

My name is Rachel Anderson and I’m a college student from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  

As a vocal jazz major, I hope to be a well-known jazz singer one day and make jazz come alive again in America. I spend a lot of time listening to jazz greats like Nat King Cole and (my favorite) Ella Fitzgerald. I also splurge in jamming out to my favorite 80s pop goddess Madonna.  

My days comprise of drinking large amounts of coffee and tea and going on road trips throughout the northwest. I love hiking, biking, photographing scenery, and spending as much time as I can in the beautiful outdoors. Nature is so inspiring to me.  

As the managing editor of my school’s newspaper, I also spend a lot of time writing and reading stories in print and all over the web. I enjoy writing and reading anything from poetry to financial advice columns.  

I also spend a lot of time making experimental food and trying new dishes. As a vegan, I find myself eating tofu at least once day. (C’mon people. Tofu isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s actually quite delicious.)  

This summer I plan on going on many adventures and learning many new things that I’d love to share with all of you!  

Stay tuned for more updates on my life and learning's.  

Thanks for reading!